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Drawings in black and white graphite and pencil. Purchase a drawing unframed for easy dispatch.
Wistful graphite drawing Showbiz on Dungeness beach

Showbiz - 'in the night'

Large graphite drawing on Fabriano rag paper.
Size 41 cm X 51 cm + clean border


A limited edition of 100 large feature prints at an affordable price are now available.

Dispatched with signature, title, edition number and full provenance.

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Monochrome matt on a heavy acid free Folex quality paper at an affordable price.

[Contact us to reserve]

Wistful graphite drawing of a ladders in landscape

Ladders in landscapes
Graphite drawing on Fabriano rag paper.

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Finished drawing/study for a series of connected paintings.

"As I wander around the Marsh and further into Kent I keep stumbling across resonant ladders in unlikely landscapes."
Too poignant to ignore, a grandiose metaphor...

Ladders - Graphite on rag paper 76cm X 56 cm

(Original drawing reserved)

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A limited edition of 100 prints 56 cm X 76 cm with an additional border (outside of a faded edge) of 2cm to allow for window framing, signature, title and edition number. Dispatched with full provenance - Monochrome matt on a heavy acid free Folex quality paper at an affordable price.

(Commission a drawing of similar scale and complexity)

Butt and ben graphite drawing on cold pressed arches paper

'Butt and Ben' - Drawings

Graphite on Arches paper

Forms part of 'Stages of requirement' - Recently shown In Studio 1

Wooden shed graphite in the nighdrawing Dungeness beach

Working title - 'In the night' - Home at Last

Dungeness dwellings series.

New painting commission.

Graphite Arches paper - size 60cm x 47cm

The drawing is at the root of most artwork.


Drawing searches for form. Graphite and pencil drawings are the path to the development of a painting - exploring spatial possibilities, intention and composition.

These are finished drawings, rather than 'sketches' and are available to purchase.

Artworks that stand on their own - unique, stylish and beautiful.

Wooden house diptych painting Dungeness beach

Working title - Home at Last

Dungeness dwelling - (initial drawing)

A commission utilizing a diptych portrait-landscape composition
Graphite on Cold pressed Arches paper - size 60cm x 40cm

Recently on show at Dungeness studio 2 - Windows Inside Out - Graphite Drawings on Arches paper.

Dungeness Studio Gallery Show
Shool house drawing

Working title - Berrystead - School house

( compositional rendering)

A painting commission - Processional composition in snow

An original drawing is a thought provoking addition to any environment.

For a business and domestic pleasure, large spaces, domestic interiors, hotel or office - a drawing provides a focal point - pulls a room together and gives any interior space a new perspective.

If you do not see what you require contact us to commission a drawing.

Available drawings

interior and exterior worlds the topiary garden

Interior and exterior worlds, the topiary garden Formal exterior world from the window

interior and exterior worlds

Windows and Stairs An atmospheric graphite drawing of interior and exterior worlds

Energy from Dungeness

Windows and Space Dungeness power station from the minds eye, giant shed, energy step down.

Window tree bauble

Window Tree Bauble Wistful drawing of an exterior and interior view.

interior and exterior worlds the topiary garden

the Butt and Ben Elevation