Fleet - A series of small oil paintings

A wander across the beach

East to West - Winter 2007 show of paintings direct from the painting studio.

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Oil paintings - Previous show - Winter 2007 - East to West - A wander across the beaches of Dungeness in Kent.

Extraordinary atmospheres and compositional elements.
A sense of familial coherence in the work on show is achieved by the use of a Cadmium red ground and 'hot' underpainting.

Small and medium sized figurative paintings - oil/pigment/beeswax on linen.

On show in Dungeness Studio 2 - Select individual image for details, size, price and availability.

A small oil painting  Figures on the beach at Dungeness Oil painting of sun baked sheds

Dunny of St George

Little couple II Baked sheds
Small painting of fishing boat Arlita Best tractor on Dungeness beach in Kent Dungeness freeboat abandoned
ArlitaRed Spot - Sold Sold Mighty Wearn Freeboat
Dungeness winch shed still standing The auld triangle Dungeness East side beach Kent Oil painting chiarascuro style

Stalwart winch shed

The 'auld' triangle Beautiful old lady
Transit van pocket painting Small oil painting of a fishing boat Beached boat pocket paintings
Transit camper Red Spot - Sold Sold Beached Distressed Boat Red Spot - Sold Sold
Dungeness gallery studio south view small paintings Dungeness gallery studio Kent gallery of small paintings

South view

South west view South west
dungeness studio autumn 2007 show gallery of small beach paintings Dungeness Gallery show lighthouse painting
West view West full wall view East view


View current show Spring 2008

View previous show in Studio2 - Bright new show summer 2007


Dungeness beach twister shed prints

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