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In the garden Dungeness Open Studios

Beach gardener Dungeness

Hardy plants, poppies, shrubs, favoured weeds and herbs growing around our studios on the arid shingle beach in Dungeness.

A progression of a beach garden over the course of the year - View - *Archive Dungeness garden

A short film is available to watch - Gardening on the Edge (B.B.C. Gardeners' world)

Outside of the annually widespread 'faithful growers': The mighty sea kale, iris, sedum, valerian, vipers bugloss, foxgloves, mosses, broom, gorse, hardy grasses, wild sweetpea and the tiny orchid-like wonders (amongst many others). Plants that succeed in these windy British desert conditions are in general grey-green in colour, furry leafed, salt tolerant, low growing herbs/weeds with some 'surprising and thriving' exceptions...

Poppies, hellebore, mallow, cardoum, sweetpeas, alliums, mullein, nicotiana burley and mutabilis, feverfew, hollyhocks, angelica, thistles, wallflowers, cerinthe, angelica and evening primroses of all types will in our experience grow in abundance.

View images of the garden as it progresses by selecting the photo set: 'In the garden today' (*Most recent images at the end)

We are happy to announce - 'We are now selling hardy young plants from the garden - in the garden'

Below - some examples from last year - in and around the garden

Garden poppy Dungeness Kent Garden bouquet of sea kale at Dungeness Beach garden valerian Dungeness
Poppy variety. Sea kale bouquet. Valerian variety.
Garden gorse Dungeness Beach garden mid summer studio Garden sea kale studio Dungeness
Wind, rabbit sculpted gorse. Horned poppy, hellebore. Exotic and field poppy mix.

More images and garden views will be added regularly in a loose 'blog style' as the seasons progress...

We like to use - - A modern Herbal by Mrs M. Grieve.

Available Paintings

paintings structures Dungeness Art

4 studies for 'Space Junk'

Rises | Falls Dungeness Art
Rises | Falls

Beach Art

Structure Simplified structures - Encountered, ingenious, functional, hand made, beautiful....

Beach Box Dungeness paintings

Shingle box

Beach  Dungeness beach, oil painting

Stages | Requirements series

Beach  Dungeness beach, oil painting

Stages | Requirements series

Beach  Dungeness beach, oil painting