Freezing sea and buoy diptych painting from the beach at Dungeness

Diptych oil painting on fine linen from an evolving series of paintings.

An atmospheric painterly appraisal of the south buoy as seen from a frozen Dungeness beach.

A cobalt, van dyke and neutral grey muted colour exploration into the ever changing juncture between sea and vast sky under constant winter white light.

This project continues the fine mess series painted with a reverence for Goya's paintings.

South buoy creates the composition showing a hint of warm tonality, as a foil to the surrounding atmosphere, completing the restrained colour range - pleasing the painter.

Diptych currently on show - Dungeness open studios - Studio 2

Painting Size: 120 cm X 80 cm X 2

Oil with beeswax and damar varnishes on linen.

Red Spot - Sold Sold

Companion painting - 'Ghost Ship'

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