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Oil painting in warm muted tones, Annalouisian Wearn on the beach at Dungeness

The Annalouisian and the Mighty Wearn.
Diptych painting in the continuing series based on the brutal elegance and practical beauty of Dungeness beach at dusk...

Oil paintings on linen featuring bold solutions, expressing the working strategies required to work with the 'difficult' landscape of Dungeness beach.

Boat, dwelling, land, power and machine.

The Project celebrates a fine mess painted with a reverence for Balthus

*View a larger image of the paintings - Here*

This diptych painting is on show at our Open Studios

Sizes - Size 45 cm X 36 cm X 2 - (paintings may be purchased separately)

Oil with Beeswax and damar varnishes on heavy linen.

Red Spot - Sold Sold

Annalouisian tarpaulin painting Annalouisian tarpaulin painting - related oil painting
The mighty Wearn - oil 
        painting The mighty Wearn - related oil painting