Colourful oil painting of an Austin A60 stealth camper on the beach at Dungeness

Landscape painting on linen from a series of paintings.

A painterly reaction to the prevalent economic climate change and the appearance of 'Stealth campers' seeking sanctuary and uninterrupted time here on Dungeness beach.

An evocative figurative oil painting on fine linen featuring this Austin A60, known as 'Pop top'

A recent painting and a tangental departure from the rest and recreation/private passions series.

Stealth campers visit the beach throughout this year creating a new sense of quiet destination achieved and safe sanctuary.

This project continues the fine mess series painted with a reverence for Goya's small paintings.

Stealth campers are an antidote to recessionary gloom - The road, good style, freedom, self-determinism, simple pleasures..

Painting Size: 26cm x 21cm

Oil with Beeswax and damar varnishes on linen.

Red Spot - Sold Sold

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