Colourful oil painting of a Combi and caravan on the beach at Dungeness

Medium sized painting on linen in the series of paintings based on the brutal elegance and mood of Dungeness beach.

An evocative figurative oil painting on fine linen featuring this 'classy camper' the most recent painting from the rest and recreation/private passions series. Campers visit the beach throughout the year creating a sense of destination achieved...

A lovingly restored 1959 European standard closing in on the desired destination, rounding the first corner on the east-side beach heading for 'the point' at Dungeness in Kent.

The Project celebrates a fine mess painted with a reverence for The Hudson River School.

This painting is on show at our Open Studios


Painting Size: 34 cm x 17 cm

Oil with Beeswax and damar varnishes on linen.


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