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A triptych of drawings of a simple but adequate butt and ben house, the butt end for cooking, the ben end for sleeping.

Purchase this set of three drawings - Butt and Ben Drawings - 5, 6 and 7
Image size: 64 x 30cm

Paper is arches quality BFK deckled.
Price: set of three drawings 360

butt and ben elevation
butt and ben elevation drawing
butt and ben ground plan
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Background knowledge - The farm houses in the county of Ayr consisted mainly of turf or of wattle and daub. The family's sleeping quarters.. where they slept and cooked was an area of about 12 foot square.

The smokey fire was situated either in the centre, or the gable end. There was no chimney. The other part of the building was occupied by the cattle.

The cattle generally had the same access to the building as the family. The family saw "butt" to the cattle's area - The Cattle faced the family looking "Ben" to the homestead. Hence the description of these simple houses became - Butt and Ben.

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interior and exterior worlds the topiary garden

Interior and exterior worlds, the topiary garden Formal exterior world from the window

interior and exterior worlds

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interior and exterior worlds the topiary garden

the Butt and Ben Elevation