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Paintings for sale Studio 1 Dungeness UK Shopping at paintings for sale Studio 1 Dungeness UK Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK

Recent feedback from our visitors....

Paintings for sale Studio 1 Dungeness UK Shopping at paintings for sale Studio 1 Dungeness UK Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK

The International Ladies - [Great Britain, Germany, Australia]

"It was great to meet you during our one day magic visit to Dungeness.

"Buying your linocuts was a very spontaneous act - we must confess - and it was a climax of our long photo session  on the beach. Of course there is nothing unusual to wander on the beach with camera‘s viewfinder close to the eye. We saw a few more people doing the same. What was unusual - was  the fact that the three  of us (former students of the same university in Poland) met there together for the first time after graduating as art conservators thirty odd years ago... We live in different countries: UK, Germany and Australia. - but we  still have a lot in common: the same things interest us and capture our attention, the same things make us laugh. We are used to look at objects from different angles and the beaches of Dungeness have given us a lot of joy and inspiration.

"Joanna was the first one who discovered Dungeness few years ago, when she spent two wonderful weeks there with her dear friend. She already had her favourite spots which she revisits from time to time. She also  has a collection of portraits of her friends photographed against one  particular shed, where "the living" painting is situated on the rusty, outer wall. The painting is changing each time. Its composition, colours, texture are changing. Everything, when you look closely is so intriguing, beautiful and worth looking at and discovering. Maybe just like we all are changing in the same way but still as you look close and deep enough we are worth of attention and discovering :)! Here you are - positive thinking!

"The three linocuts which we bought  from you are from the same series: "Wolf rules for life". Great title! We all chose a different one for our own, very special reasons : for Joanna - the wolf is like her dog. Her beautiful Lila.  For Ewa  - the catch was the simplicity  of design and  almost minimalism. Everything she likes and tries to express in her own artistic photography. I bought - Mother Wolf with Puppy showing their very special relationship. I was on my way home to my Mother and Father in Poland. For me -  it was a very symbolic and touching representation of my relationship with my Mother. For three of us  - your lovely images from the same series  - are the additional bond and a special connection between us, for the rest of our lives in no matter what corner of the world we find ourselves...

"I know - Big Words -  but it's true, that each time we will look at  our ”Wolves”, we will be reminded of this very special  day we spent together - walking along the beach, meeting you and visiting your welcoming studio. It was a truly magic day!

"It looks like Dungeness gives you inspiration, space and a sort of backdrop to your thoughts. That’s what it gave us...

"Thank you Paddy for being there!

"With best of wishes - three visitors Anna, Ewa, Joanna and Lila the dog." 

Richard Warlow - [U.K.]
"Just want to say how much we love the paintings. They'll always be a special reminder of what was a special weekend for us.
I particularly enjoyed the collaborative nature of the commissioning process, and one of the things that's brought me most pleasure is just how you seem to have understood the dynamic I was after. Needless to say - all the practical aspects of the commission were carried out with efficiency and speed. The paintings arrived in time for Juliet's birthday, beautifully packaged and very gratefully received - Many thanks again."

*Photo sequence below from - Amy Filmer - (Lydd UK)

"Neil and I met you yesterday at your wonderful studios...... It's good to feel inspired again."

Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK
Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK Paintings for sale - Studio 2 Dungeness UK

Mr & Mrs Ttoffali - [London U.K.]
"We pottered off the RH and D railway, along Dungeness Beach and into the Open Studios and were both immediately captivated by 'Folding with Nan'. We were welcomed into the warmth that Paddy and Helen's home exudes, had ears cleaned by the dog, and quietly the 6 peaceful, fluid and unfolding story prints were ours. - We absolutely love them and are so excited by them."

"Purchasing art in this stunning environment is a complete joy."

Antony Easton - [U.K.]
"The quality of his work is wonderful,  also delivered well inside the deadline and Paddy couldn't have been more helpful when lining up the surprise of my wife seeing her paintings hanging on his studio wall.
I worked with him personally and on email and the process was glitch-free and great fun. Paddy Hamilton is a delight to commission and a delightful painter. Spread a bit of his simple happiness into your home."

Graham Gosling - [Eire]
"Arrived all safe and sound and it's gorgeous."

Tom Evans - [UK]
"Just to say that the paintings arrived safe and sound, and look even better than I had remembered.
Their 'pleasure per square inch' rating is very high."

Marley Middleton - [Romney Marsh, UK]
"Just wanted to say thank you so very much for the beautiful painting
of the Sanctuary which now hangs proudly on our wall with the others."

Tamah Burke - - [Mid-West, U.S.A.]
"You will be pleased to know that your lovely boat met it's mooring unscathed & now hangs proudly in the front room."

Debbie Temple - [ UK]
"I'm ecstatic with my prints they look amazing on my wall. They arrived this morning. I can't stop looking at them. They shine. And so peaceful."

Bernd Klauer - [Berlin - Germany]
"We are happy, thrilled...
Two Paddy art lovin' freaks are cravin' for more of that addictive stuff.
I am only a humble fan and you
 > > > > > are 'the boss'."

Rita Harowitz - [San Francisco - USA]
"Paddy Hamilton captures the beauty of the Dungeness region in his lovely paintings and prints. He artfully portrays the remarkable beauty of this region and it's pioneer spirit. We have twice traveled all the way from San Francisco to visit his studio and personally pick out prints and paintings that colorfully and joyfully represent this very special place, corner of the world."

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The journeys end,

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Structure paintings Dungeness fish box painting arrives in Dublin

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Dungeness Fish box painting oil on linen


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Dungeness Fish box painting stack oil on linen

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