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A demonstration of the artist's technique and use of materials using the latest painting of a beauty on Dungeness beach.

oil painting of a  beautiful wooden boat

Beautiful old lady

Dimensions - 32cm x 28cm

Red Spot - Sold Sold

I have been keen to paint this dignified old lady for some time.

We walked along Greatstone beach, bathed in a classic 1950's style evening light, to have a good look.

The Painting was made using a very limited palette - Cadmium red ground - van dyke crystals in size (lay in - darks)

The elements of the composition were described by using translucent glazes mixed with beeswax, turps and linseed oil in this order of colour and increased density .....

Burnt umber - Yellow ochre - dirty umber blue - pinkish hi-lights.

All colours were adulterated with the previous colour used to keep them in the same 'family' of hue.

Painting is imbued with this 50's-ish feel I think.

Duration of process from drawing to decision to stop - 4 hours in total.

Top Tip: When embarking on a dark painting of a tangible subject generally allow your painting to dry between glazes. Take your time to mix colour and work from dark tones to mid-tones to bright colour being aware that a subtle suggestion of light on an object or colour contrast is your aim.

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