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Friends of our Studios

Proofreading Services  Living Proofs

Bridget Wilkins - Dungeness-based freelance proofreader and editor specialising in corporate reports and fiction. Just write and she will make it just right...

The Caravan Gallery The Caravan Gallery

- The Caravaners... artists Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale who are on a mission to record the ordinary and extraordinary details of life in 21st century Britain - Holistic social anthropology at it's most honest... Well worth investigating.

Brighton art fair

Blacknight Design - Sophisticated Kent based multi-media solutions....

Blacknight Design is a design consultancy based in the South East of England, covering a broad range of disciplines from corporate identity and website design to promotional literature and marketing.

Maraid design

Maraid Design - *Design with a good eye....

"We're a small but perfectly formed web design studio in the heart of York, North Yorkshire

eye-seen contemporary photographic artworks.

eye-seen..... The Crusader - *Heart of a lion* - real contemporary photographic artworks.

Blacknight records..... Great tunes - To paint to - Good 'growers' and the subtlety builds...

Kentish underground record label releasing cutting-edge electronic music/art collaborations.

Dubbler ++

Available Paintings

paintings structures Dungeness Art

4 studies for 'Space Junk'

Rises | Falls Dungeness Art
Rises | Falls

Beach Art

Structure Simplified structures - Encountered, ingenious, functional, hand made, beautiful....

Beach Box Dungeness paintings

Shingle box

Beach  Dungeness beach, oil painting

Stages | Requirements series

Beach  Dungeness beach, oil painting

Stages | Requirements series

Beach  Dungeness beach, oil painting