Colourful oil painting of a Royal Mail container on the beach at Dungeness

Oil painting on linen from an evolving series of paintings.

A painterly appraisal of a hastily repainted ex-Royal Mail container on Dungeness beach.

The majority of houses here are built around railway carriages, on the working beach road containers make for maintenance free storage sheds. The still useful parallel of now static rolling/road stock strikes a chord.

A beautiful mess exploring the surprising arrangement of the still useful and the discarded, mingling together under the ever changing lilac light.

Human endeavour over the passage of time, fortitude and ingenuity are the considerations here.

This project continues the fine mess series painted with a reverence for Goya's paintings.

A wind blown lost umbrella passes through the composition, pausing briefly to complete the colour range - to please the painter.

Painting Size: 60cm x 45cm

Oil with beeswax and damar varnishes on linen.

Price £520

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