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A Fine Mess IV - Latest in the series of paintings and prints celebrating the 'uneven beauty' of the working beach at Dungeness in the night' .

This large oil painting challenges the viewer to reorganize the chaotic elements of abandoned fishing paraphernalia into a severe lyrical beauty.

Large feature painting exhibiting a startling tonality and a dramatic presence.

Atmosphere and texture evolves with the lighting conditions within a room.

In the night Dungeness

Atmospheric large oil painting Dungeness beach in the night

Best tractor on the beach illuminates red containers on the east-side shingle ridge - A gorgeous landscape painting with colours reminiscent of a first world war painting by Paul Nash

A focused burst of tungsten light illuminates colour and texture.

The painting utilises bright colour contrasted with an overall coherent sombre tonality and textural interest.

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Oil/beeswax and Damar on a heavy linen tarpaulin stretched over a wooden panel.

The painting 'floats' on hidden supports and sits 10cm proud of the supporting wall.

Size 60cm x 90cm

Red Spot - Sold - sold


Techniques - Successors and Descendants in six visual stages - With material lists and process description.

Dungeness open studios - Paddy Hamilton

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