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A demonstration of the artist's technique and use of materials during the production of this large painting.

Successors and Descendants on Dungeness beach - 138cm x 102cm Oil, Damar and Beeswax on linen.

Large oil painting - The painters approach and progression

Oil Painting successors and descendants boats on the beach painting in progress Dungeness boats Painting successors and and descendants boats
Stage 1: Linen sized with added Crimson powdered pigment. Then thin glazes of Van dyke Brown to lay in the composition using large loose brushwork. Stage 2: Ultramarine and Raw Umber mixed with Beeswax, turps & linseed oil reinforcing composition and building up a textured surface. Stage 3: Glazes of Prussian and cobalt Blue mixed with Beeswax, turps & linseed oil some linear darkening, drawing with the brush, layer building and blending to create dramatic contrasts.
Oil Painting boats on the beach successors and descendants boats successors and descendants boats on the beach
Stage 4: Use a clean rag and Turpentine to remove some colour to create lyrical passages and establish hot overstated underpainting colour. Stage 5: Glazes of Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber, Prussian Blue, Hookers green with Beeswax, turps & linseed oil to reinforce elements of the composition. Add some Naples Yellow, Pink, Lilac light contrasts

Final Stage: Scattering contrasts and an 'all over' tonality. Pinks, Orange, Yellow Ochre with White and final selective glazing with a trace of Prussian Blue. Finish by considering the relative value of each painted passage with the resolved intention of the work.

Select any stage to view the completed work in a larger format.

A similar approach was adopted in this larger painting

Tip: When embarking on a large painting of a tangible subject allow your painting to dry between glazes. Take your time to mix colour and work loosely and freely until the painting begins to gel with your intention, then choose passages to resolve.

Finish working by treating the complete surface as one entirety.

When the decision is made - Do not go back in....!