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Priscilla - New light - Diptych
Related paintings in a continuing series based on the brutal elegance and practical beauty of Dungeness beach before dusk...

Oil diptych painting in muted tones on linen featuring classic vehicles brought to bask in the light within the timeless landscape of Dungeness beach.

New light, land, power and machines.

The Project celebrates a fine mess painted with a reverence for Stanley Spencer


These paintings are on show at our Open Studios

Dimensions right to left - 17 cm X 34 cm + 34 X 17 cm

Oil with Beeswax and damar varnishes on linen.

'New light' (right side painting) - *Available

'Priscilla' (left side painting) *sold

New light - Size 34 X 17 cm - Price £160.oo

(contact us to specify and reserve)


Annalouisian tarpaulin painting Annalouisian tarpaulin painting - related oil painting
The mighty Wearn - oil 
        painting The mighty Wearn - related oil painting