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Paintings for Sale | Art |Prints | Drawings Art Online - Straight from the artist's studio- Oil Paintings on Canvas, mixed media paintings and drawings - limited edition prints. Very Competitive Prices for original and desirable artworks from the Artist's studio.

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A Life in Tax A collection of monoprints - inkjet on canvas - displayed and contained within a hand crafted wooden ledger. A life story as told by the evidence of taxing affairs through the tax letter envelope. A lifelong correspondence accompanying taxation and payment.

"Pocket Paintings - Affordable paintings that fit your pocket"
Small jewel-like paintings - dimensions 8 x 12 cm - oil on stretched linen

Dungeness Den - Oil on linen - small colourful study of 'The Base' an extensive and evolving wooden play house on the beach at Dungeness.

Dungeness Open Studios | Paintings For Sale | Kent
Dungeness Open Studios at Marina - Our opening times are flexible. It is generally unnecessary to make an appointment, unless you are making a special trip to Dungeness or would like to view a painting that you have seen online.

Dungeness Dwellings & Shingle Tones| Studio Show
Dungeness Dwellings and Shingle Tones - Paintings and Drawings. Show at the open Studios on the beach at Dungeness from December 15th 1st March 2007 - Admission Free

Paintings - stirring stick
The stirring stick that a practical painter uses to stir a pot of paint - a series of four paintings - oil on canvas

Painting - The long view
A powerful figurative oil painting featuring useful outbuildings leading the eye to an intensely sun lit red container on Dungeness East-side beach "Up by the boats".

Dungeness Lighthouse An emblematic painting of the older lighthouse at Dungeness at night.

Art from the Studio| Oil Paintings| Dungeness Kent
Oil paintings on canvas painted by artist Paddy Hamilton. Fine art studio paintings. Each art project contains paintings, prints and drawings.

Linocut Prints
Contemporary linocut prints and limited edition prints. Relief prints that exploit the surface characteristics of linoleum or wood. The linocut relief block is hand coloured and printed

Contemporary Linocut Prints
A series of modern, hand-coloured linocut prints and illustrations by Paddy Hamilton. Coloured prints are hand finished to evoke the quality of instant colouring book

Twister Prints - The Dancing Winch Shed
A set of prints recording the slow demise of an old winch shed on Dungeness beach as it gradually collapsed after countless storms and wind shifts over a period of five years.
Vandyke Brown monocolour Linocut prints on smooth quality paper.

Wolf Prints
Wolf rules for life - Ten prints investigating the tenets of Wolf/Canine social behaviour, a (Canis lupus guide to living our everyday lives)
Printed on Arches acid-free medium rag. Ink - etching black, signed, titled, dated, Edition - 100.

Lost Cats Monoprints
Lost cats is a collection of monoprints on the finest wallpaper (Nobilis Fontane) samples.

This project was made in response to seeing a heartbreaking poster for a long lost cat from Lydd on Sea in Kent.

In the club Editioned prints and Monoprint option

A collection prints on Arches rag paper in Vandyke brown/cerise

This project was made in response to witnessing the 12th of July celebrations of the ancient victory at the battle of the Boyne, Battle date:- 1690. Parades in Ballymena (Northern Ireland).

Linocuts Series of Six - On the Line
Six prints depicting everyday domestic teamwork between the generations of a family working with a common purpose.


You Always - Print 1

Print 2 - I Never

Print 3 - Little Prince

Print 4 - Black and White Dog

Hand - Print 5

Turpin - Print 7

Flaming Trousers - Print 8

Print 9 - Little Prince Colour

Green Hand - Print 10

Eye Sky - Relief Print 12

Periscope Landscape - Print 13

I Spy - Print 14

Print 15 - King Billy

Print 16 - Mandrake

Print 17 - This too shall Pass

Print 18 - Body Map

Commissions | House and Garden Paintings |Paddy Hamilton Commissioned work| Kent/E Sussex
With years of experience in professional painting Hamilton Studios can undertake and project manage commissions for interior designers, portrait commissions, corporate commissions and painting commissions for architects and specifiers.

Past Commissions |A list of previous commissions | Commissioned work
Design work, commissions, collaborations and realisations from given briefs from 1986 to the present.

Art Projects for Large Spaces| Workplaces| Offices | Hospitals
Perspectrum is a democratic, participatory art project. Ideal for corporate art.

Graphite Drawing| Paddy Hamilton| Drawings and Paintings
Drawings in black and white graphite and pencil. Graphite drawings - unique, stylish and beautiful - on quality hot pressed paper unframed for easy dispatch

Drawings for Sale

Windows and Stairs - Drawing Number 15

Catalogue of Drawings

Windows Tree Bauble - Drawing 14

Five Windows - Drawing 13

Windows Room - Drawing Number 16

Windows and Topiary - Drawing number 17

Windows | Space | Drawing 18

Windows Bull and Man - Drawing 19

Nun and Confessional- Drawing 20

North 1 - Drawing 1 set

The Weather Vane Swings East - Drawing 3

South Facing Weather Vane - Drawing 2

The Wind blows the Weathervane - West 4

Elevation Butt and Ben - Drawing 5

Side View Butt and Ben - Drawing 6

Butt and Ben Ground Plan - Drawing 7

Drawing 8 - Flowers and Frame

Windows Diptych - Drawing 9 and 10

Windows 1 and 2 Diptych - Drawing 9 and 10

Windows | The Empty Bay | Drawing 11

Bay View Window- Drawing number 12

Paddy Hamilton Studio | Dungeness in Kent| About us
The studio is run by artists Paddy Hamilton and Helen Gillilan. Both artists have experience of managing art exhibitions and shows as well as working as professional painters.

Paddy Hamilton | Exhibitions | Art Shows
Paddy Hamilton Selected Shows and Exhibitions

Paintings-for-Sale |Contact us | Feedback
Paintings for sale and Hamilton Studios - contact us with any questions - telephone, email or write to us

Artist's Mediums | Painting Techniques |Advice for Artists
Step by step approach to the process of painting. Painting Techniques and advice for artists including information about setting up your studio space

In the Studio today

Paintings, drawings and prints from conception to completion

Painting in Process
A demonstration of the artist's technique and use of materials using the latest painting of Dungeness old lighthouse at night.

How to - Make a Stretcher for Painting

How to - Stretch and size a Painting

Catalogue of Oil Paintings

Dungeness Defender - Painting 33
A large oil painting of the beach at dungeness. When the fishing boats come in the Dungeness Defender drives up loaded with boxes to pick up the catch - Sold to Private Collector

A triptych of related structures suggesting a shattered shipwreck. 3 oil paintings on canvas and stretchers of a shipwreck.


Wreck 1

The Stern of a Shipwreck - Painting - Wreck 2


Shamrock 1

Space Junk 3

Space Junk 3

Space Junk - Two Small Oil Paintings

Space Junk 2

Space Junk - Painting number 7

Dungeness Roof Top


Doughnuts 1 Painting 10

Oil Painting - Washing Line

Oil Painting - Washing Line

Four small paintings making a sequential assessment of a long deep inhalation of breath.

Inhalation of breath A sequential image of a breath Held breath A deep breath exhaled

Perspectrum Paintings Catalogue

Perspectrum Paintings
Perpectrum Paintings are catalogued by number the first page is numbered 1 to 16.
Perspectrum Form - Create a tonal palette truly reflective of your present emotional life.
The information is generally submitted on a standard form - some participants write their feelings and colours while others use both descriptive prose and colour - using coloured pencils, pens or any other media

The following pages are perspectrum paintings 1 to 16 showing an enlarged and detailed single image.

Perspectrum 1 Perspectrum 2 Perspectrum 3 Perspectrum 4 Perspectrum 5 Perspectrum 6 Perspectrum 7 Perspectrum 8 Perspectrum 9 Perspectrum 10 Perspectrum 11 Perspectrum 12 Perspectrum 13 Perspectrum 14 Perspectrum 15 Perspectrum 16

Perspectrum Paintings Catalogue 2
Perpectrum Paintings are catalogued by number the second page of paintings shows all paintings numbered 17 to 30.

The following pages are perspectrum paintings 17 to 30 showing an enlarged and detailed single image.

Perspectrum 17 Perspectrum 18 Perspectrum 19 Perspectrum 20 Perspectrum 21 Perspectrum 23 Perspectrum 24 Perspectrum 25 Perspectrum 26 Perspectrum 27 Perspectrum 28 Perspectrum 29 Perspectrum 30

Small Abstract Flower Paintings

January Flowers - Small Abstract Painting

February Flowers - Abstract

March Flowers

April Flowers - Small Abstract Oil Painting

May Flowers - Abstract Oil Painting

June Flowers- Small Abstract Oil Painting

July Flowers - Abstract

August Flowers - Small Abstract

September Flowers - Small Abstract

October Flowers - Seasonal Abstract Painting

November Flowers - Abstract Oil Painting

December Flowers - a years growth

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