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Volkswagon Storm Combi on Dungeness

Storm Combi - Oil and Beeswax on linen - Size: 36cm x 16cm
Red Spot - Sold Sold

An optimistic and evocative landscape oil painting featuring a ready for renovation VW Combi parked up on the east-side Dungeness Beach.

The elements in full effect ripping at the tarpaulin winter cover.

Commissioned painting

Volkswagon VW Combi on Dungeness beach

New Storm Combi II - Size: 40cm x 15cm Oil and Beeswax on linen

The Project celebrates a fine mess painted with a reverence for John Singer Sargent.

Below - Two states of work in progress - (images are linked to previous paintings in this series)

storm vw combi
storm vw combi

Select either image to view previous work in this series - Sentinel Camper - Tony Thake

Linocut print VW Combi

'Rest and Recreation'

'VW Olive Combi version IV'

Olive day Bus - New edition of three prints.

See 'Beach Combi' - Limited edition prints.


Classy combi camper oil painting of Dungeness Beach

Classy camper
A classy rig - Dreamlike painting - Old school V.W. Camper.

Seen and admired on the corner heading for the point at Dungeness foreland.

Showing now - At Dungeness Open Studios