Twisters - Small Paintings

The dancing winch shed - 3 Twisters

Dungeness, a working beach long inhabited by hard working people making a living from the sea.

These three small oil paintings document 'that which surrounds' - Celebrating the demise of an iconic 'dancing' winch shed on the East side beach at Dungeness.

These powerful small paintings are made with an intense concentration and a subtlety which imbues each subject with a sense of dignity and 'longing'.

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Winch shed painting Dancing  shed painting Small shed painting

Oil on Linen - Size: 10cm x 15cm
North-West view

Red Spot - Sold sold


Oil on Linen - Size: 24 cm x 16 cm
North view

Red Spot - Sold sold


Oil on Linen - Size:12cm x 8cm
West view

Red Spot - Sold sold



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