Dungeness beach twister shed prints

Sun baked - Winch sheds

Twisted by winds, cooked and warped by heat.

Proud upright wooden structures creating inviting black silhouettes then throwing long lilac shadows in the evening.

Not unike little chapels or refuges.

When all the work that can be done is at an end and the shoreline too far away.

Take a last look round, lock the door, walk away, don't look back... Still here for now on the East-side beach.

Painted with an appreciative nod towards Maureen Gallace.

Oil/beeswax/damar on linen

Sun baked

Dimensions - 18cm x 24cm

Red Spot - Sold Sold

Stalwart winch shed

Dimensions - 20cm x 28cm

Red Spot - Sold Sold

Dunny of St George

Dimensions -
8cm x 12cm Red Spot - Sold


Now Showing - At Dungeness Open Studios

On show in Studio 1

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