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The Boys at work.

Youth at work - Painting with great concentration and energy.

Lino cut on quality paper

Limited edition linocut print - dimensions 18cm x 13cm - signed - numbered - titled - dated - dispatched unframed with provenance.

Purchase Print Boys painting the pavement. - Price £36.00

The postage is free for UK dispatches.

British bank holiday linocut print set of three prints.

Vermillion edition of 40 - Numbered - Signed - Dated - Titles - 1 - 'Boom boom' 2 - 'Half term break'
3 - 'Feasting'

A fond exploration into 'The Great British bank holiday experience' - a featured set of three limited edition lino relief prints.

On show in Studio 1

Dimensions - 15cm x 10cm X 3

Special price £36.00 (plus £2 postage)

Scarlet drummer boy - 'Boom Boom'

 drummer boy at play

Drummer - singular featured lino relief print.

On show in Studio 1

Scarlet edition of 40 - numbered - titled 'Boom Boom' - signed and dated - Dimensions - 15cm x 10cm

Special price £12.00 (plus £2 postage)


Available Prints

Now Showing - At Dungeness Open Studios, UK

Linocut print

Twister Prints

Twister - Dungeness
Lino cut Print
dimensions - 20cm x 25cm

Dungeness beach angel
Dungeness Beach Angel Multiple ground colours

Dungeness beach angel
'The point'
On the line - hanging out the washing

On the line - Folding with Nan Washing line teamwork on the beach

Wolf prints

Wolf Rules for Life An edition of ten lino block prints illustrating wolf rules for life

Stack, prints, fish boxes, Dungeness, Paddy Hamilton, lino cut print

!STACK_ prints